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Witchcraft is all about living to the heights and depths of life as a way of worship. --LY DE ANGELES

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mrs. Weasley Magic

I know it's Mabon and I should probably be posting something seasonally related, but today all I can think about is how much I envy Mrs. Weasley.  I am a witch who firmly believes in searching for mundane answers before turning to magic, but with a new baby and both Superman and Miss Busy being ill I could really use a bit of Mrs. Weasley's housekeeping magic. 

Here are is my top 5 wish list for magical housekeeping solutions: 

  1. I'm doing pretty well on keeping up with the dishes, but what about a magical washing machineMaybe washer/dryer/folder combo?  I could handle putting them away myself. 
  2. Those enchanted knitting needles?!  I know the boys hate the sweaters Mrs. W creates with them, but I am so envious.  If I knew how to make my needles do that, I wouldn't have one fingerless glove on the computer desk waiting for the creation of it's mate.  Also, I would absolutely have me a colorful witchy mama sweater...gotta love that! 
  3. A toy box that pulls scattered toys neatly back into itself.  This would really cut down on the number of bruised feet in our house.  Legos are murder to step on. 
  4. Grocery delivery by owl.  Running to the store to pick up a few things is such a chore with the littles.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to send the grocer a short note via family owl and have the trusty bird return with a paper wrapped parcel of essentials. 
  5. The epic Mrs. Weasley clock Luckily my "George" doesn't have a Fred to worry me as well, but it would be so great to know what everyone was up to in a quick glance.