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Witchcraft is all about living to the heights and depths of life as a way of worship. --LY DE ANGELES

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ceremonially Inspired

Embroidered Glacia Gown from Anthropologie

As of yet, I have not adopted a special ceremonial garb for rituals.  I practice most spell work in the kitchen wearing blue jeans and for special rituals I put on a swishy skirt that makes me feel "witchy."  Although I am usually very good at designing situational appropriate outfits it's what I studied in college after all this time I have been a bit stuck.  I didn't want cliché witchy, but I certainly want something to distinguish ritual times from the mundane.  Then I found this dress on Anthropologie the other day and I knew it was exactly what I wanted. 

This dress is nothing less than magnificent  the price reflects the fact.  Each piece of the tiled/tribal design is velvet that has been hand appliqued (the description calls it embroidery) to a polyester chiffon overlay.  Superman was all for tossing it in the shopping basket I'm spoiled like that, but a quick glace at the size chart ended up keeping a few extra bucks in our bank account.  Like many beautiful, higher end designs it simply doesn't come in my size.  Even if I wasn't currently up a few bra sizes due to nursing, in it's largest size this gown still would refuse to accommodate my bosom.  Oh yes, the reason why I usually avoid shopping and just sew what I want.  I had forgotten about that for a brief moment. 

There are both advantages and disadvantages to creating my own clothing.  The big advantage being that it actually fits.  The big disadvantages being that my time is a limited resource and I have to travel over 200 miles to find a fabric store.  Still, I'm going to hold on to this image and use it for inspiration.  I am thinking that maybe a more earthy pallet would be better for me and a simplified applique pattern or even substituting embroidery in a elemental design.  Plus, true to my personal design ascetics, I will use a natural fiber like a cotton lawn or handkerchief linen in place of the poly. It will be both easier to work with and wear.   

What do you wear for ceremonial garb?  I'll keep you all posted on the eventual progress of my own gown.