A Wise Word:

Witchcraft is all about living to the heights and depths of life as a way of worship. --LY DE ANGELES

Friday, October 21, 2016

Little Witches, Big Magick

A few mornings ago in spite of the forecast for possible snow we woke up to a cold drizzly rain.  The clouds were low and hunkered down like they planned to stay and the updated forecast confirmed it.

Getting the coffee started, I grumbled about the weather that was going to keep me cooped up inside with three littles all day.  Miss Busy must have heard me, because from the bedroom she shouted her favorite expletive compliments of Superman and dashed into the living room.  Standing in front of the picture window she shook her little fists at the clouds and begin chanting.
"Rain, rain, go away.  Come again another day."

With in seconds, Little Moon was at her side chiming in with,

"Go -way.  Go -way."

Every fiber of their little bodies was given over to the intent of banishing the rain.  Their sweet faces were furrowed with concentration and I had an epiphany.   This was a spell!

My adult brain rushed into the ways I could improve on their work and create a witchy learning experience for the morning.  The moon was waning, so the timing couldn't be better and I had some fun ingredients in my cabinet just waiting to make magick.  When I called them away from the window for their breakfast, I promised to help them banish the rain as soon as they ate.

Soon it was evident that my help was not needed.  With in moments, the rain briefly turned to sleet and just peatered out.  With in an hour the sun was shinning weakly from behind the clouds.  They had banished the rain all by themselves.

Now before anyone misinterprets this and thinks I am claiming my children are magickal geniuses, I will assure you that is not so.  My children are many things mess makers, alternative fashionistas, mud eaters, but not super witches.

Intent!  It was all intent.

With out a doubt, they were 100% sure that they did not want a rainy day.  They boldly and loudly, proclaimed that intent while knowing that they were with out a doubt capable of making the rain stop.  

As witches we talk "intent" all of the time,  but my daughters showed me more about intent in 3 minutes than I could ever put into words.  What they demonstrated is exactly what I need to implement into my craft.  Intent with confidence.

**As a side note.  This makes me wonder what other nursery rhymes may be spells just waiting to be used.  Have you tried nursery rhyme magick?